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Barb's Bliss

January 2021

"Faith can be defined as the effort to believe in light when we're covered by clouds."   

Mark Nepo

I find this quote from Mark Nepo to be so perfect for us here in NE OHIO – especially in January when we are perpetually under the winter clouds. Drive an hour east, south or west and the sun shines through…but not here lol. Please don’t drive North…unless you’re doing the POLAR BEAR PLUNGE.

What keeps us all going through this perpetual grey? The promised light of spring. We at Sabo’s are diligently planning for a bright and glorious spring and all of you who will be anxious to get outdoors and play in your gardens and on your patios and decks.


Keep watching for some of the new plants and specialty items that we do this year – and no worries, we will still have the same great varieties that we have grown in the past as well.

In the meantime…keep the faith – for sunshine will indeed come again to NE Ohio.

Barb is the lead painter of our concrete painting crew as well as wholesale, production and office manager.