Pet Safe Houseplants

I’m sure many of us can relate to having curious pets that like to snack on anything they may be able to get their paws on. Having houseplants then may seem like a daunting task, making sure that your pets won’t get sick after munching on a succulent. Many houseplants and tropicals can be toxic to dogs and cats and cause reactions anywhere from mild discomfort to seizures or heart arrhythmias. With any houseplants you have, it is important to check that they are non-toxic for your animal, especially if they are in reach of your pet and they show interest in chewing or eating them.

Below are listed some of the common houseplants that are MILDLY TOXIC to pets. Only a concern if consumed frequently or in large quantities 

  • Mandevilla
  • Dipladenia
  • Aloe
  • Croton
  • ZZ plant

Below are some TOXIC houseplants. Keep out of reach of dogs and cats.

  • Gardenias
  • Jade plants
  • Monsteras (Swiss cheese plant)
  • Snake Plants
  • Asparagus Fern
  • Peace Lily

Don’t let this discourage you from livening up your indoor space! There are plenty of PET-SAFE NONTOXIC houseplants (many of which we often carry) which include:

  • Banana Tree
  • PonyTail Palm
  • Most Palm Trees
  • Most succulents (Including haworthia, echeveria, and sedum)
  • Air plants 
  • Tropical Hibiscus 
  • Papyrus
  • Rattlesnake Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • African Violet
  • Most Ferns (Including Boston and Bird’s Nest Ferns)
  • Polka Dot Plant
  • Orchid
  • Bromeliad
  • Friendship plant
  • Herbs